Livelink MxDCore

MxDCore is the bridge between Live's Python scripting environment and Max - it's the glue that makes the Live control and feedback in M4L possible.

LiveLink MxDCore is an updated MxDCore which improves the performance of this bridge when a large number of M4L live.* objects are being used in the set (upwards of ~150). This will allow general Live operations (e.g. inserting/removing tracks, hotswapping etc) to continue to operate almost at the same speed they do when no, or small numbers, of live.* objects are present.

There will be a number of other performance tweaks released in the near future - the aim being that using M4L with a large number of live.* objects is no longer significantly slower than using Python scripting, as well as improving the performance of a number of the supplied abstractions.

For updates, issues, and general discussion sign up to the LiveLnk MxDCore forum.

Version 1.0 - 03/07/14


This software is donationware. You are free to download and use it for personal use for free. If you are using it for commercial production or gigging (or not!) please consider leaving a donation as this will allow me to keep developing more apps such as this.



PLEASE NOTE that the license does not include the right to distribute any portion of the software in your own commercial devices, or any modified code in non-commercial devices - please contact in order to discuss this option.