Hi there and thanks for stopping by my site.

I'm an electronic music producer currently living in London, producing a mixture of techno and tech-house (I really dislike labelling this stuff). I've been following this scene for the last 20 years or so since first getting into it at the end of the 80s and early 90s. At that I point I was living in Leeds during an amazing development time in house, techno and in dance music in general.

From the early rave scene at a time when we were still allowed to legally party outside in the open air without having to have adult supervision, through the refec at Leeds Uni which hosted legendary nights such as Ark and Megadog (and who could ever forget the Ark nights at the Corn Exchange), to the Gallery, through the residency of Sasha at the Music Factory, the Warehouse, Space and all the other clubs to dance the night away, to what I and many people still regard to be the best techno club the UK has ever had, The Orbit.

I continue to follow the scene in London, both on and off the dancefloor, and am still as enthusiastic about it as I was all those years ago, though a little older now, and having a healthy fear of two nights out in a row rather than it being a weekly requirement.

The music I produce tries to draw on all of these influences over the years, as well as trying to inject something a little more up to date, new, and maybe a little different. This is the type of music I listen to at home and on the train, so I like to vary it somewhat. I'm still a sucker for anything with a deep, dirty groove banging away at 3am in the morning, with smoke in my eyes and a strobe going wild, so I guess that comes across quite alot.

In real life I am an IT bod so I'm also trying to put my skills to MAX and M4L development to increase the Ableton Live experience, which is my DAW of choice (M4L)

Have a listen to some of the tracks, and if you like them, register for updates and I'll let you know when new material is available (no spam, honest!).