Gridlock 0.3.913 Available Now!

  0.3.55 0.3.91 Monome 0.3.913 Entry 0.3.913 Standard 0.3.913
Controller Instances 2 2 3 4 6
MN+ (Monome/Arc) Yes - 4/2 Yes - 4/2 Yes - 7/4 No Yes 14/4
SLM No No No Yes Yes+
VSerialOSC-D No No No No Yes
API No No No Yes Yes%
Virtual Devices No No No Yes Yes
Livelink Support# Partial No Partial Yes Yes
RGB Support (Push/Push2, Lemur,
LP MkII, LP Pro, Jam)
No No No Yes Yes
APC40-II, LP Pro,
LP MkII, Push2, Jam
No 0.3.92 Yes Yes Yes
Keypad/Drumpad Control Type 1/1! No 2/2 4/4 8/8
Drum/Melodic Sequencer (0.3.92) 1/1 No 2/2 4/4 8/8
External Rotary Controller Support No$ No$ No$ Yes Yes
Number of Rotary/Fader Banks 2 N/A 4 6 8
Number of Control Banks (Matrix,Slider,Bend,XY) 2 N/A 4 6 8
M4L-Midi included No No No Yes Yes
User Guide - Please read before purchase - all sales are final
(for upgrades please contact
Free Free £15

+ Full version will include SLM access to additional User 2 functionality when available (LP/Lemur/ TOSC)
% Full version will include remote API access when available
# Separate purchase
$ arc emulation only
! 0.3.56/0.3.92
* When available


Gridlock: Control Surface Interface (M4L/Max)


Gridlock provides an easy-to-use abstraction for using a number of grid based controllers from either inside M4L or standalone in a Max application. All communications (to and from each supported device) are handled for you and a consistent message spec is provided for talking to each physical device.

Initially developed for the Launchpad, supported platforms are growing. Launchpad S, Launchpad Mini and Ableton Push are supported for both Max and M4L, as are the Livid Base/Base II and OhmRGB, and the Launch Control family. QuNeo is currently supported in Max, and for tablet users, Lemur and TouchOSC are fully supported.

Gridlock 0.3.55 represents the development up until 01/12/14 and will remain a donationware product, but will no longer be developed. Functionality developed for 0.3.9 and 0.4 may occasionally be backfilled into 0.3.55, but no specific timeframe is given. This will most likely consist of additional controller support, but may also include other functionality.

The monome version of Gridlock 0.3.9 provides a powerful monome/arc emulator without any of the additional functionality of Gridlock and remains a donationware product


Supported Platforms
Standalone Live Mode (SLM)
Future functionality
MN+ monome Emulation
Arcane Arc Emulation



Gridlock 0.3.55 and Gridlock 0.3.91 monome are donationware. You are free to download and use it for personal use for free. If you are using it for commercial production or gigging, please consider an upgrade to 0.3.91 Entry, Standard or Full - not only will it give you more features but it will allow me to keep developing new functionality. If you find the software useful then please consider leaving a donation.

PLEASE NOTE that the license does not include the right to distribute any portion of the software in your own commercial devices, or any modified code in non-commercial devices - please contact in order to discuss this option.