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P2D - Access to your Push2 Display

P2D is an Max/M4L object that allows access to the hi-res RGB display on Push2. Using this object allows you unrestricted access to the display in your own Max/M4L patches. Direct support is provided for Jitter matrixes allowing the full power of Max graphics processing tools to be harnessed for your own visual needs.

  • Push1 compatability - 68x4 text matrix for rendering text with Push1 character/symbol set
  • Access to P2D+ allowing true screen-sharing with Live (V1.4.0).
    This requires the installation of an additional component. Please read the User Guide below for details
  • Support for rendering Jitter matrixes on the Push2 display
  • Several demo patches to get you up and running
  • Native Max externals for Windows & OSX, 32/64-bit
  • P2D-Multi for easy handling of multiple applications requiring access to the screen

User Guide - Please read before purchase - all sales are final




P2D-Multi (available in V1.4.0) is a no-nonsense approach to multiple applications having access to the Push 2 screen. Develop your applications and devices with the included external and patches and the user decides what they want to see on the screen - as a developer you only need care about your own code - the rest is handled by P2D.

P2D-Multi also includes a multi-page on-screen menu for options the user can change whilst in menu mode. This allows you to put your most important configuration items on Push 2 without the user having to head back to the laptop and mouse.

Personal Use

P2D is free for personal use, though a donation will be appreciated to allow me to keep on developing useful products such as these.
P2D Personal 1.4.0 14/12/16
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P2D+ is an additional component that can be installed to provide true screen sharing with Live. With this you can control the visible region of your render on the P2D display and also blend between your display and that of Live. P2D+ is included in any P2D product purchased from Isotonik Studios.
Please note this requires the installation of an additional component so please read the user guide above.

P2D+ 1.0.3 22/04/17

Commercial Use

A commercial license allows you to distribute the product as part of your own developments. This license is required whether your products are free or charged. Please contact for more details.


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